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Sweet Perdition

Good girl gone bad.
Elizabeth, small-town librarian, knows she doesn't belong in the notorious biker bar. But after watching her best friend marry her ex-boyfriend, she's drinking her cares away and saying adios to her good girl ways.
Ryker can't take his eyes off the gorgeous, curvy redhead at his club's bar. He suddenly has a taste for good girls, just for one night, of course, because Ryker doesn't do relationships. Ever.
But when Elizabeth's ex threatens her, Ryker realizes he'll do anything to keep her safe and he might just lose his heart in the process.

Hot as Hades

Family matters.
 Ex-Marine Daisy is going undercover, by uncovering it all.Every night the pretty blonde wraps herself around a pole in a club owned by the Raptors MC. The bikers are involved in her sister's disappearance. One lap dance at a time, Daisy gets closer to finding Rose until a big, muscular obstacle steps in her way. Former rodeo star, Cowboy, is posing as a customer. His MC intends to bring the rival MC down. But when Cowboy gets up close and real personal with Daisy, he finds himself falling for her and he swore to never love again. She's on a mission that threatens her life, unless he can protect her, even from herself.  


Love can heal anyone.
After being held as a sex slave, Rose is struggling with PTSD. Under the care of her sister, Daisy, Rose is recovering at the hotel owned by the MC. When Rose is threatened by her former captor, she asks Duke for help. After surviving an abusive childhood, dangerous special forces missions, and a stint in prison, Duke doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Despite his better judgment, he helps Rose. She touches a place in his cold heart, no other woman has. Together, they'll make the man who held her captive pay. But he doesn't count on what a temptation Rose can be. She wants to share his bed, but is she ready after the trauma she's suffered? Or is she damned?

Devil May Care

Buried secrets always surface.
Captain has been in love with Eddie since he first laid eyes on her. Unfortunately, she was already married to a man who didn't deserve her. So, Captain moved on, but the torch he carries still burns hot.
Eddie is the reigning queen bee of the club and makes the finest moonshine in all of Texas. So fine, in fact, it's been cutting into the mob's bootlegging business.
When the mob targets her, Captain offers himself as a bodyguard. But he can't protect her from discovering the ugly truth about her late husband. And about him.


Think on your sins.
  Shepherd does it every damn day. He pays his penance in service to his MC--keeping their secrets, guarding their gates, shouldering their burdens. But his own secrets threaten to bury him. Secrets bigger than forbidden temptations. Secrets older than his loyalty to the club. Deeper than the grave he'll take them to. And there's only one thing--one person--that he'd sacrifice it all for. Pretty Boy spent a lot of his life wandering in the darkness and the rest of it following Shepherd to the Promised Land of the Four Horsemen MC. Once upon a time, Shep sacrificed everything to keep Pretty Boy safe and he's hellbent on proving to Shep that it wasn't for nothing. That he isn't nothing.  

Hell on Wheels

He's steal her heart. Growing up, Axel dreamed of living a normal life. Now he's the newly minted president of the Four Horsemen MC, but the club was blackmailed into a dangerous partnership with the mob. Charlie is a thief who's been getting a five-fingered discount her entire life. After Axel catches her squatting in the club's hotel, he asks her to steal something very important from the mob. But will Axel also steal this thief's heart as well? Meanwhile, Charlie is searching for her father's killer. Back in the day, he agreed to do a job for the mafia but never came home.  When Charlie find's her dad's killer, will she get sweet revenge, or share her his fate?


Shot to Hell

Love thy enemy.
Steele went from hometown hero to jarhead and took his best buddy, Abe, along for the ride. After Abe died in the line of duty, Steele quit the Corps and joined the Four Horsemen MC. Now his club brother, Coyote, has been taken by a rival MC and Steele fears the worst. He calls in Ash, a security contractor who specializes in kicking ass.
As a teenager, Ash fell hard for Steele, but that went south after her twin brother, Abe, died. They're bitter enemies with plenty of unfinished business. Will these enemies become lovers? And can Ash and Steele find Coyote before it's too late?

Hell or High Water

Voodoo is comfortable being the solitary King of Hades Hotel and Diner and the newly minted VP of the Four Horsemen Motorcycle Club. An old lady just isn’t part of his equation. While he wants Lex—badly—a biker with a criminal past is the last thing she needs. He’d reached above his station before and been punished. Hurricane Katrina had washed away everything and everyone he cherished when the levees broke. He couldn’t forget the lesson he’d been taught any more than he could allow Lex to be part of the Underworld he serves. But when she needs him most, can he turn her away? Lex’s parents were able to agree on exactly one thing after their divorce—that Lex should have no part of the Four Horsemen Motorcycle Club. But Captain’s blood runs through her veins and a part of her longs for the freedom the Outlaw MC life offers. When a campus tragedy sends her reeling, she escapes to Hell, Texas and the comfort of her friendship with Voo, but the darker side of her roots isn’t the only thing she’s determined to explore. It’ll take hell and high water to stop her from unleashing the storm that’s been brewing between her and Voodoo.