Lone Star


Lone Star Series

mafia romance

Flesh and Blood

For love or money.
 Things can't get any worse for Belle. She's down to her last ten bucks and can't make the rent. Belle needs a job, any job. And that's when she's abducted by mafia henchmen. Dix is a mob boss and being bad pays damn good. Since his wife died, he's thrown himself into work, until he meets Belle. He offers her a job, she can't afford to refuse...his mistress. And Dix steps into the unlikely role of protector when someone tries to abduct Belle. But who's after her?   


Blood in the Water

He loves her to death.
Jane is a high-powered attorney defending Oscar, an accused serial killer. When the grand jury doesn't indict him, Oscar reveals the terrifying truth and his feelings for her. He wants to take her breath away. Literally.
 Jane only knows one man ruthless enough to protect her, Byron, a mob boss. She's hoping one killer will save her from another.
Byron hired Jane to protect his assets, but he's more interested in hers. Jane won't give him a chance until they strike a bargain.
  Together, they'll stop a serial killer. Or die trying. 

Blood Money

Little secrets become big lies.
Jasper Tan dishonored his family by joining the mafia and they shunned him. He can only count on one person, Victoria Hale, a hacker and his best friend. An attraction sizzles between them but office romances can turn deadly when both parties work for the mafia.
And Vick hasn't been completely honest with Jasper.
To save her brother, Vick made a scandalous bargain with Simon. The arrangement has ended, but Simon's been stalking her and threatening to expose her secrets.
 Can Jasper handle the truth? And will he risk it all to save her?  

Cold Blood

Time can't heal wounds, but love does. 
 Justice is a biker and former Navy SEAL living with PTSD. While he didn’t give “the last full measure of devotion” to his country, he came damn close  And his nightmares drag him back to Afghanistan. Etta May Jameson is a social worker dealing with her own painful memories, but she's attracted to Justice. Her boundaries are crumbling and she longs to take another chance on love. They need to deal with their battle scars as well as they're growing feelings. But when Etta's ex-husband is paroled, her past becomes present. And her future is in jeopardy.
   Mafia Romance

Bad Blood

The awful truth.
 Mary led a sheltered life until she's abducted from her dorm room. Now she's fighting to survive. When Mary finds out the awful truth about her family's mafia ties and her grandfather's sins, she doesn't know what to believe anymore. Chase joined the Marines to avoid his family's criminal legacy. After his twin sister disappeared, his family welcomed him back into the fold. When her badly beaten body is finally found, he won't rest until those responsible pay... in blood. But Chase is drawn to Mary. She's innocent and doesn't deserve to be treated as a pawn in his revenge game. Chase is torn between love and loyalty. Which will he choose?

  mafia romance

Draw Blood

  Flirting with death
 Ten is a man with a dark past and many secrets. He kills without remorse and keeps to the shadows. With the exception of his cat, Ten is a loner and he doesn’t do human interactions or attachments. And yet, he can’t stop thinking about Aggie. They met on a rooftop while she danced on a ledge and into his imagination. Aggie is a restless, reckless private eye and hasn’t come to terms with her bleak inevitable future. She took a dangerous case, and now her life is in jeopardy. Can a very bad man save her? And will they build a future together?